About Us

Project K Racing, based in Australia, is the first KTM sponsored Team to compete in the AMA Pro Racing Flat Track series. The team has been racing on the professional Flat Track circuit for five years.

The Waters’ passion is to bring a non-factory team into the spotlight and race effectively. They are the only KTM twins team running in the Grand National Champiionship Series. Working hard as a team, they have been showcased as a positive impact in the sport of Flat Track racing. Bringing a non-dominating machine up on the podium week after week and attracting more sport bike enthusiasts is the Waters’ goal, broadening the sport and increasing their sponsors’ market share.

They have captured attention in such outlets as AMA Pro Racing and publications including Cycle World, AMA’s Motorcyclist Magazine, Flat Track Today, Motorsports Magazine, KTM Talks and more.